Cut marketing costs

Marketing is necessary to increasing your customer traffic and boosting your bottom line but comes at a significant cost.

You can reduce your marketing expenses without decreasing the quality of your marketing with these easy marketing hacks.

Get your name out there
Word of mouth and community involvement are powerful marketing tools that will not cost you a cent. If your service or product is fantastic, you can let your customer’s do the talking for you. Offering discounts for referring a friend or volunteering at local fundraisers are a great way to market yourself without spending money.

Go online
The digital world offers websites and social media platforms that can be more effective than any flashy marketing campaign. You can use a free and simple design for your site, post on free platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, to meet your business objectives. Do your research and experiment to find out what works the best for you.

Recycle campaigns

When you pay for marketing campaigns, and they are a success why would you only use them once? Amend the relevant details like dates and add any new offers or products and rerun them.

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