Financial tips to reach your goals

Whether it is saving for a new car, a house deposit or a holiday; we all have spending habits that can derail us from achieving our financial goals. But luckily, most of these habits are just that – a habit, and they can be changed over time with perseverance.

Consider the following three tips to help reach your financial goals:

Make sacrifices
Incorporate some frugal habits by ditching your takeaway coffee, cutting back on your subscriptions and any other unnecessary spending habits you have formed. Delay gratification by saving up for items rather than using your credit card or a loan, particularly for items where interest is attached.

Review your budget
Monitor your spending habits to get a better picture of where your money is going. You may realise you spend more than you’d like to on transport and decide to walk more often, or that your weekend partying is a taking a large chunk out of your weekly wage. Challenge yourself to stop spending in specific categories for a small period to work out where it is feasible for you to cut costs and so on.

Tackle your debts
It is no secret that debt gets in the way of saving, so make a plan to rid yourself of it. Look for ways to boost your income to get out of debt faster – whether it be taking on weekend work, tutoring, freelancing or asking for more hours at your current job. Pay down your small debts or debts with high-interest rates first, then make additional payments where possible.

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