Hey Alexa, Should I Use Voice Technology To Help With Working?

Voice technology and speech recognition software is becoming a more prevalent force within personal lives. From Google to Siri to Alexa, you may have already encountered an instance where speech recognition software made an appearance and used it to save you time in typing out a message, a memo or even making a shopping list.

But voice technology isn’t just for ordering groceries or making personal appointments. It can also be a vital tool for businesses – and those who utilise the technology will help ensure they will remain relevant and competitive in the coming decade.

You may already be using voice technology in your business. Digital assistants, such as Siri, Google Now or Cortana, can be an invaluable tool for organising your workday without having to pull out a memo pad to write down an appointment.

Similarly, voice technology can be used to offer highly personalised, human-like service with the speed and efficiency of a chatbot through, for example, a customer helpline designed to redirect you to the most appropriate person to help.

Voice technology can be used to streamline manual processes, saving employees valuable time. Routine tasks, such as sending basic emails or setting up meetings, can be done faster, with less effort, and completely screen-free using a simple voice command. This enables employees to multitask, thereby increasing their productivity.

Businesses can also utilise voice technology to improve information sharing between employees. For example, if an employee has a standard question about company policy or a business procedure, they can get the answer they need instantly from a voice activation device which is programmed to know, rather than having to ask a colleague or manager who may not have time to assist them.

In the professional business world, voice technology software could be used as an effective tool to facilitate business processes in a smoother and more efficient manner.

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