How to turn around a bad work day

Bad days can happen to the best of us, but before you throw in the towel and call it a day, consider how your mindset may be influencing your attitude.

Here are three ways to shake off a lousy day in the office:

Refrain from gossiping
You have control over your own reactions, so instead of venting to your colleagues or gossiping away, stand back and let your emotions pass. Strong emotions such as anger can see you act out instead of thinking a problem through. Try to observe the problem through an objective lens before discussing it with colleagues or management and keep it strictly professional. This can help you to communicate better and avoid getting caught up in office politics.

Practise gratitude
Regardless of the reason behind your bad work day, there is always something you can be grateful for. Switching to a gratitude mindset helps you to focus less on the bad things that occurred and accept the situation for what is – one bad work day. Try to leave your negative feelings at work, and spend your evening doing something you enjoy.

Learn from it
Problems or unforeseen circumstances are opportunities to learn and grow. If a situation is out of your control, it can help you to practise acceptance. For avoidable problems, it can help you to map out a plan of attack for dealing with contingencies.

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