Internet banking: safeguard your savings

Each time you use internet banking to transfer money to family or friends, pay your bills, or check your account activity, consider these handy tips to help keep your savings secure.

Check your wifi
Always use a private wifi network when accessing your bank accounts via an app or website on your phone or computer.

Public networks are never secure and should be avoided whenever you access your bank accounts online. Using a public network puts your personal banking details at risk of being stolen by a digital hacker looking to access your funds.

Keep your personal details safe
Never keep copies of your login number and password together or on your computer and phone. For further protection, keep these details in safe and secure locations.

Double check the details
When paying for a bill or sending money to a friend’s bank account, double check the BPAY details or BSB and account number to ensure the funds are sent to the correct account.

Keep your receipts on hand
Should a payment go missing when sending funds to a friend or paying a bill, it is essential to keep a receipt of your transaction. In this way, you can always provide sufficient evidence when contacting your bank about a missing payment.

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