Save money on your office printing

Printing is vital to running your office but may incur significant costs.

Save money around your office by following these tips on managing your printing supplies.

Manage your ink and toner use
Ink and toner are costly and frequently replaced, especially if your office prints in high volumes. Invest in genuine toner rather than cheap products to avoid damage to your printer and reduce replacement rates. Encourage staff to use the draft print mode, which is a feature available on Microsoft office. The print will use less ink, and the text will appear lighter but readable for office use.

Reduce paper usage
Excessive use of paper is costly and environmentally harmful. Encourage double-sided printing and print more than one page per sheet to reduce costs and your environmental footprint.

Track your usage
Implementing software that tracks employee usage of printing supplies will help you see whose printer use is problematic.

System and hardware overhaul
You may need to update your systems or your printer if they are becoming outdated. Newer technology will increase efficiency and cut costs.

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