Saying no to pushy salespeople

It is more than likely at some stage of your life you will encounter a pushy salesperson attempting to close a sale. And although you may feel rude to decline, it is important you don’t feel pressured into purchasing.

Salespeople are generally highly trained in a range of persuasive sales techniques; they know what tactics to use to push you closer to the sale. This is why it is critical to understand the common techniques they employ, so you can politely decline when you feel it is necessary.

Consider the following techniques:

Customer flattery
Salespeople know how to persuade; they also know that people love to feel special and important. This is why attempts to flatter the customer are all so common. If the salesperson is tailoring their message for you and trying to convince you why the product or service is perfect for you, question what they are saying. Most attempts are to try to close the deal quicker, leaving you with no time to consider your options.

‘Buy now or you’ll miss out’
Another common technique is to create a sense of scarcity, where the customer believes that if they don’t purchase immediately the offer will be gone or the products/services will sell out. Limited time offers are a type of sales promotion intended to generate quick purchases on the premise customers don’t want to miss out, so do your due research before purchasing.

Giving gifts or favours
Sometimes a salesperson may offer you a small gift or go out of their way to do you a favour which makes you feel obliged to purchase with them. For example, you may receive a free trip for attending a workshop or a sales attendant may go over and beyond to help you find the “perfect pair of jeans,” and so on. Although a small amount of these acts are genuine, more often than not there is a monetary motivation behind some of these actions. If you ever feel guilty or obliged to purchase something, re-evaluate your needs against the offer and make sure you shop around to know you are getting the best deal.

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