Simplifying your marketing

Overcomplicating your marketing efforts in a bid to increase awareness and boost sales is a common trap. As the marketing industry continues to overcrowd and evolve with technology, businesses need to look for ways to break through the noise and send their audiences a clear message.

Here are three tips to simplify your marketing:

Avoid attempting to master all channels
Businesses are vying for audience attention which is resulting in people deliberately opting out, i.e., skipping ads. Rather than focusing on all marketing channels, i.e., email marketing, SEO, paid advertisements, apps, social media, PR, blogging and so on, pick a few to focus your efforts on to gain higher engagement. The same principle can be applied to your social media accounts. Instead of heavily promoting your content on all channels, focus on the channels that your audience prefer.

Consistency wins
Posting content frequently can sometimes be an overlooked, but useful tool to use in a marketing strategy. Consistent posting means your followers will expect, and perhaps, even look forward to the new content you produce, providing it’s valuable to your audience. Instead of tapping into every new marketing trend or viral craze, focus on marketing activities that you can do weekly or fortnightly that can generate results over the long-term, i.e., writing a weekly blog and featuring new posts on your social channels.

Quality content
When you produce quality content, your audience is more often going to like and/or share this content. This is known as earned media and can involve your audience reposting, mentioning and reviewing your content. Earned media can generate organic traffic to your owned media such as your website, blog and social media.

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