Use your business card effectively

When business networking is increasingly digital with LinkedIn and your business’ website a primary way of getting your name out there, the business card is still an integral part of your networking experience.

Below are reasons business cards are still relevant and how you should use them.

Why are they important?

  • Business cards still have a range of benefits:
  • They make swapping contact details more personable and forge more meaningful business relationships that can be established online or over the phone.
  • They present a professional image as you look like you are prepared and ready to network
  • Business cards can encapsulate your brand’s image and leave a lasting impression

Tips on how to use them

  • Business cards can maximise networking impacts when used. Consider the following strategies:
  • Give your business card out after a meaningful interaction rather than before
  • Be interested when receiving a business card to establish a similar standard for when you give yours out
  • Incorporate your business website (consider using a QR code)
  • Make your business card stand out from others in your industry to further your point of difference

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