Standing out against your competition

When going for a job interview, it is important that you stand out against your competition. This can be tricky when you rely solely on the skills you possess and not the vibe you give off.

Chances are when you go for an interview, you will be just as qualified as every other applicant. You need to have a point of difference that makes people want to hire you and not just leave it to chance. Consider the following tips for standing out amongst your competition:


Interviewees who have an understanding of the business and what the brand is about are much more likely to do well in the interview. By understanding the philosophy and values of the business, you are potentially making a personal connection to the interviewee which will set you apart from other candidates. Researching the business also helps when you are asked if you have any questions at the end of the interview. Many people feel they have to ask a question, and will ask something that is irrelevant. Asking questions about aspects of a previous marketing campaign, or what was behind the sudden business growth three years ago for example, are ways to show you have taken time to research and show interest in the brand.


Being prepared is essential. A good interviewer will ask you questions that make you think outside the box and analyse yourself as a person. Questions such as what are your weaknesses, provide an example of when the skills you possess helped solve an issue in a previous role, how have you shown cultural sensitivity in the past and so fourth and designed to cut through the fluffy stuff and get down to the core of how well you will fit into the company. Preparing for these questions will not only equip you to answer questions such as these well in an interview, they are also useful for you personally to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.


One of the biggest factors that will set you apart from your competitors is your passion. While being nervous is a normal part of attending an interview, it should not get in the way of your ability to interview well. Showing who you are as an individual and connecting on a personal level is a great way to show passion. You can do this by asking the interviewee how they are and how their morning has been. You can tell them a short story about something that happened to you since applying for the job, try find out something about the interviewee outside of their working life, such as what sport team they follow; smile and take your time to think about the questions you are being asked before jumping in straight away and answering them.

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