These Five Tips Will Help You Get The Boost To Your Email Marketing That Your Business Needs

While email marketing remains one of the most effective platforms for businesses to reach clients on a personal level, it does not always deliver the results a business might be after.

If your business is finding that your email marketing isn’t going as well as you had hoped, here are five simple ways to improve your campaign:

Email Automation

Email automation is one of the most efficient ways you can save valuable time and send timely, relevant emails to your clients. It is an emailing process that enables your business to send out specific messages to clients at designated times, instead of spending valuable time sending out individualised emails to clients. While automation may sound like an emailing process that detaches accountants from their clients, it can actually help businesses develop closer relationships with their clients and customers, as it maintains effective communication and brand awareness.

Experiment With Your “From” Name

If you’re currently using a particular name as your ‘from name’ and have low open rates, it might be a good idea to change the name to a more recognisable one. Seeing ‘from’ information that isn’t clearly related to someone or place that clients know, is often a red flag for individuals who are becoming increasingly wary of email spammers. Make sure your recipients know they’re getting emails from someone they actually asked to hear from by making your “from” information as obvious as possible.

Target Specific Behaviour

While segmenting an email list by demographics can produce results, it is much more effective for businesses to segment their subscribers by their behaviour. Send clients targeted messages based on their service or purchase history, send loyalty offers to those who consistently open your emails or re-engagement campaigns to those who never do.

Remember Mobile Optimisation

Around half of all emails are opened on mobile devices, which means it is incredibly important for businesses to make sure they optimise their emails for their clients who open their emails via a mobile device.

Don’t Forget Existing Customers

One of the smartest and least expensive ways to find new clients is to utilise your business’s existing ones. Existing clients are a great resource for bringing in new business and customers to your business, especially when they refer their friends or share your content with people who would normally be beyond the business’s reach. Businesses should make sure that they let these clients know with regular attention, special offers or loyalty deals.

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