Tips to save on office supplies

Office supplies may seem like insignificant purchases, but like anything, the costs add up. It makes sense to save on what you can in your business. Consider some of these smart tips to help cut down on your office overhead.

Buy in bulk
It is no secret that to buy in bulk results in significant savings in the long run. To do this, make sure you keep on top of your office supplies and what needs replacing as rushing out to buy one roll of paper towels will end up costing you more than keeping stacks of ten waiting.

Buy generic
Generic products are far more reasonable than branded stationery, and any slight functional difference between them is so minute it doesn’t justify the cost difference. This is a great way to save on necessary stationery.

Have an office gatekeeper
Many employees, whether by accident or not, take their office stationery home. Make it an employee’s job to keep a check on office supplies and to make sure employees have limited access to stationery. This gatekeeper might even set up a public stationery station so that the workplace shares objects like staplers, rather than providing each individual with one.

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