Website Analytics And Website Engagement Data – The Two Tools Your Website Can’t Skimp On

Website analytics tells the story of your website’s overall performance, while website engagement data tells the story of every visitor to your website. If you’re looking to sell your products or services online, the data gleaned from these can provide valuable, crucial information to help you structure your marketing objectives and goals, and improve your website’s success.

Website marketing analytics monitor the performance of pages on your website, so you know what is—and isn’t—working. You can learn data such as total visits, views, click and subscribes in your website report, and use a tool such as Google Analytics to gain even more in-depth insights into the performance of your website. This can provide you with more information about how your website visitors engage with the website pages, including how much time they spend on various pages, the path that they take to get to your website, how they move around your website once they arrive and what might cause them to leave.

Analysing this information should give you a greater understanding of what pages of the website are generating the most visits, where people are going and what is driving the conversion rate.

Website engagement data has more to do with learning about your audience – who they are and what they want from your website. It tells you when they are interested in learning about your product or service in making a purchase.

Detailed website engagement data helps you to improve your digital demand generation strategy in a variety of ways, including:

  • Providing information on visitors that will help you with retargeting ads tailored to their specific needs
  • Tailoring email invitations to visitors based on what they may have been researching about
  • Discounts offered to visitors to a website as a part of their retargeting after searching for a related product or good
  • Knowing the path that visitors are taking upon reaching your website and converting could give insight into what services are of interest to the visitor, and give insight into what additional services may be upsold to them

Combining your analytics and engagement data provides the insight you can use to build on what’s working now and to tweak what needs improvement. When you know what your audience is really looking for and how they want to access information, you can create personalized, targeted marketing that’s relevant to them and productive for you.

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